Saturday, October 20, 2007

A call for models...

When I'm not doing commercial shoots for clients, I'm constantly conceptualizing and adding to my Private Collection. My private works can be viewed (by collection) on Flickr ,or as a group in the Galleries of my website.

I've included a sample to the left entitled: "Barefoot Rhapsody", (from my Vintage Collection).

Although it's becoming colder in the Midwest, I am still planning a few great pieces before Winter (on location) for my "Vintage Indigo" Collection. The changing leaves make for beautiful outdoor shots. My Vintage Indigo Collection is very nostalgic and features models dressed in period clothing to represent specific era's-gone-by.

I am also casting for models to start a new collection in which I am going to recreate selected paintings of one of my favorite artists: John William Waterhouse. If you've never heard of him, his work includes such pieces as: "Juliet", "The Lady of Shallot", and "Ophelia".

And lastly, I have a few conceptual shoots that don't necessarily fit into a category or collection, but I am still looking for fresh faces to capture.

So...If you've stumbled onto this blog as a model via my profile on Model Mayhem, or as an artist via my profile on Flickr, and are interested in collaborating, I am shooting TFP* (trade for print) selected models until late Fall, 2007.

All models, or interested parties should send their best head shot and/or body shot to:

And please note* You don't have to be stick thin to submit a photo. I am an artist & photographer, not a modeling scout. All I am looking for are people who would be an asset to my collections.
All submissions will be personally reviewed, and if you fit into any upcoming projects, I will contact you so that we may speak further.

Best to you-
Ashley, Bottle Bell Photography

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