Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Casting Updates!

Hello to everyone! It's been about a month since I posted here, and I just wanted to thank everyone who submitted a resume, headshot, or portfolio to be included in my personal collection, and conceptual work. The response was beautifully overwhelming, and I am humbled by the response I received.

Because I am only shooting a very limited number of conceptual pieces, both in the "Vintage Indigo" and my new "Storyboards" Collections (especially before our chilly winter officially begins) I am unable to work with everyone who submitted, and unable to personally get back to everyone as I would have liked. Please be aware that I am keeping all applicable photos on file, so that when the warm weather moves back in, I have many fresh faces to choose from.

As far as further submissions this season, I am still accepting headshots for a select few conceptual pieces. Please submit, as before, to:
When submitting, please remember to include your name, number, and stats if you know them, so that if you are selected, I am able to easily find pieces to style you with, and am able to easily contact you. :) Additionally when submitting, remember to send natural photos without excess makeup.

If you are new to my blog, and haven't yet had a chance to view my galleries, or style of work, the photo included with this post is entitled "In Remembrance", and was shot on the foggy banks of the Mississippi earlier this month. It serves as a great example of the type of work I'm planning for my last few shoots this year.

Best to all of you-