Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Post of 2008!

Hello everyone :)

Though it's a bit late, I did want to blog today and let everyone know I hope they had a fantastic holiday, as well as a safe and Happy New Year! I wanted to post one for Christmas as well as New Year's eve and day, but my schedule, and computer use was chaotic, and I didn't have the time to compose a proper message to you all while constantly on the road.

I traveled across (what seemed to me) the entire Midwest over the holiday, and returned just short of New Year's. I'm so happy I decided to bring my camera, and new lenses, because the Midwest roads have so much more to offer than truck stops, and gas stations ;)

If I may share with you a few of the photos I 'snapped' on my travels over the last few weeks. Taken in 3 different states... all between Christmas Eve, and New Years...

These, to me, are why roadtrips are far better than flying...

Titles from top to bottom:

1. The Cambry Misfortune
2. Broken Bend Road
3. Weeping Eve
4. Earth's Archway
5. Abby Street

I hope you enjoy!
I'm off to watch Resident Evil: Extinction.

Best to you all until next time :)
-Ash, Bottle Bell Photography


Anonymous said...

my mouth dropped. wow.
I'd have to agree - roadtrips are better. in awe.



Anonymous said...


These are amazing. Are any of these for purchase?
The old houses are soooo cool.
Can't wait to shoot with you!

-Jeff Baudrey

Anonymous said...

Glad you shared these. Just love your work. You have a gift.

Anonymous said...

I feel that your photos become more and more beautiful with every new one you put out there!

Anonymous said...

...Just waking up in Italia, and saw your bulletin, dear. ;)
Your work is a so beautiful.
Love Love.

I will visit in here more often, ash.

Anonymous said...

wowza! just stumbled across your blog! AWESOME photos. 'Earth's Archway' is just unreal! Off to check out your flickr site now. :-)

Anonymous said...

you are a great photographer... i love your pictures, you have truly great gift! I would love to purchace a photo done by you some day.. if you could let me know when they're avaliable that'd be great. *Trisha Lee*

Bottle Bell Photography said...

Thank you all!

To Trisha-
All pieces are available for purchase. I'm working on a store, but until then, I typically sell to clients through paypal, money orders, or checks. :)

Just email:
with the title of the piece you are interested in, and what size, and I can message you back with the price.

Best to you-
Ashley :)

Anonymous said...

Ashley ,

The photos are truly remarkable .

The copse or procession of trees that is shown near a road is especially numinous looking . The arches on the tree look like that from a Gothic Cathedral .

The self portraits of yourself are also quite stunning . You are a girl of strange, elfin beauty !

Jay at

Unknown said...

amazing pics, u r so professional :) good luck

Anonymous said...

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