Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Roundup, Announcements, and Summer Casting Updates...

Hello Readers-
Spring is here! Finally, right??
I feel like it's been so long since I've posted, though I've been busy every moment.
I wanted to take the time to cover about a million things, so here I go.......


*I've just wrapped up my first solo exhibition at Corazon Boutique & Gallery, in Minneapolis. My 12 week tour was immensely successful, and I'd like to thank both the owner Susan Zdon, and buyer/manager, Hilary Brasel for allowing me to show at both locations.

*Also... I am very honored and excited to officially announce I've been chosen to be featured in the upcoming "Art of Photography Show" in San Diego, California. The selection process was extremely exclusive. There were only 102 artists chosen out of over 12,200 entrants, from 46 countries! I was beaming when I found out I was to be included in their show. The opening reception is on April 25th from 6-9 p.m., at the Lyceum Theatre Gallery in San Diego. Though I will not be able to make the reception, I hope some of my lovely California friends will drop in on the show, and let me know how it looks. ;)

Modeling/Casting Updates:

Now that it's Spring, not only do I get to be warmer, and turn 25 years old, but I also get to start working on NEW COLLECTIONS with NEW MODELS! I am currently casting for 2 Conceptual, Fine Art Collections, and will be shooting now, and throughout the Spring and Summer. If you live in Minnesota, or Wisconsin (or surrounding), and are interested in working with me on a TFP* basis, please email me your headshot, or drop me a line at: info@bottlebellphotography.com
You must be willing to travel to one of my two locations... In Minnesota, I shoot about 50 miles West of Mpls. on a 12 acre private estate. If you live in Wisconsin, I shoot in St. Croix Falls. All of my work is on location, and Conceptual.

Makeup Artists:

A call to Makeup Artists! This one is simple - I need your rates, and best (1-2) portfolio photo(s)! I am looking to work exclusively with one - two GREAT makeup artists this Spring/Summer on all of my shoots. This does not need to be on a TFP* basis. You, of course, will be paid for your work. If you are a makeup artist, and are looking for unique pictures for your portfolio, drop me a line at: info@bottlebellphotography.com

Art Giveaway:

This one is fun. I've decided I will be giving away a few select pieces of my artwork (all are beautifully matted) to those who read my blog. FREE! To qualify, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name, and subscribe to my blog via the "subscribe to this blog" button on the right hand side of the page. Absolutely anyone is eligible as long as you leave a comment and subscribe to the right. (Friends, Family, Strangers, High School Buddies, Myspacers, Facebookers, Flickr Contacts, Professional Contacts, Fellow Artists... Anyone.) I will be picking a few winners at random in the coming weeks. It's my way of saying thank you for reading the blog, and introducing yourself. :) Of Note, as well: You don't need a blogger acct. to post a comment. You can post just by using your name. :)


And last, but not at all least, I am being published and featured in a 5 page spread by a local (MPLS) magazine. Because I do not yet know the particulars, I will leave it at that for now, but am very excited about the spread, and will post more (including which mag) when I know the details.

That's it!

Thank you for reading!
Ashley | Bottle Bell

PS... Please find below one of my latest self portraits, for an upcoming self portrait exhibiton. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh yay. A giveaway! Really?
My name is Carrie M. (you are in my friends list on facebook.)

I love your blog, and will subscribe for this. I've always wanted something of yours.

Wish I lived closer, so I could maybe model too (hum...)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Marion Kandlee
Orlando, FL

I guess I've been a quiet reader on here, but would absolutely LOVE to hang your artwork on my wall.

Thank you for this neat opportunity.

I loved your latest artist spotlighting feature as well.

Subscribed :)

Bottle Bell Photography said...

Thanks you two!
Nice to meet you. :)

Anonymous said...

Jarred E.

I'm on of your contacts.

I'll check back, and thanks. Really hope I get picked.

I hope it's a selfie. :-)

Anonymous said...

count me in! I hope i get lucky enough to get picked!

Hails B! :)

Anonymous said...

I second everyone here.
Hope I can get lucky enough to win a really moody one.

Allison Schwartzman

I'll check back :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Beautiful,
I suppose I'll leave you a loving comment, not for the giveaway, just because you have beautiful work, and the world should see it! I can't wait to see you! Tell the future Mr. Ashley I said HI!
Ellison Murray
Sioux Falls.....

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Rachel from MySpace. Kudos on the recognition of your talent/work!! Accomplished at such a young age. I guess that's what happens when you use your gift and follow your dreams. Love the new self portrait...beautiful and classic...timeless. If you're ever in Austin, Texas let me know.

Rachel Morrison
Austin, Texas

mysticparrot@aol.com said...

Ash. You are very articulate with your words and I enjoy reading all the updates. I am very proud of what you've accomplished the last year. I look forward to each and every new photograph. 1437!!!`Mom

Bottle Bell Photography said...

Hello to all, and thanks for stopping in :)


Leah said...

Congratulations!! You have so much wonderful stuff going on. I am already subscribed, but I guess it is about time I introduce myself! My name is Leah and I am from Pittsburgh, PA.

Messenger Bird said...

Jeanette V.

I know you from face book and myspace!

I would love some of your pretty work on my walls!

Barbara said...

Wow, congrats on everything. You're so talented, and I look forward to your posts and new art.

I am officially tossing my name in the hat for the giveaway, and I've been subscribed to your blog for quite some time now, so I guess I qualify! :-D

Keep up the awesome work. If I happen to catch the show at the Lyceum I'll take pics for you.



Anonymous said...

Ash. Love your artistic talent. The webite is wonderful. Look forward to seeing your new ideas on film. Barb Caddy.. say hi to the pups!!

Anonymous said...

hi ash,
it's martha (iseethemoon) -
first, congratulations, and i just might be able to go to that gallery showing! would you like for me to take pictures, or do you have someone there to do that?

i will be anxious to see your conceptual projects as they happen. you are a tremendous inspiration to me, and on that note, i would LOVE to have a piece of your art and imagery in my home.... :)

hope to maybe see you this summer. i'll be in minneapolis, rice, and then grand forks next month for a few days of shooting, and then back again in july for the summer. :)

best! martha

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

My name is Ashley! Nice to meet you, :). You're one of my lovely contacts on flickr (flickr.com/photos/ashleysmith). I finally figured out how to subscribe after about 5 minutes of clicking around, haha! I would love to receive some of your lovely work. I need some beautiful pictures to decorate my new house! :) Hope your day is darling!

barrentree said...

So awesome!!! I absolutely love your art. So inspiring. My name is Rachel Dallaire (I'm in Kankakee, Illinois).

Anonymous said...

Hi ash,
I'm glad I found your art postings on flickr. As a lowly camerist in search of inspiration, and rarely finding it, it is a pleasure to see what you have done. I feel good knowing that you are out there sharing your vision. I try, you do. I wish you well and feel privileged to be able to see what you create.
Charlie, aka: Camerist Obscured

Anonymous said...

It's the Cú from Flickr and just love your self portrait chosen for the San Diego show. Big things coming for you oh talented one!

Anonymous said...

Well im on here from time to time and would love one of your works. Im your friend just about everywhere myspace,jpg,flickr.

Anonymous said...

Ash! I just read your giveaway... I want all the art!! :)

Also-Conceptual would be sooo interesting and I would love it!!!!!!


Blake Bridges said...

Hey Ash,
Just dropping by to show my support and to read all of your interesting post. Good job and keep up all of the great work.

Younes said...

This is my first comment here but its not because of greed for your gigt to the readers. I just wanted to assert about the kind of feeling you emmbeded in your photographic style. It remindes me melancholy of a sweet and sour afternoon after a long time being away from a sweetheart. The look of model is blended with the excelnt skill of framing and compostion. Photos are edited so well with the certain level of faith and confidence. All praises belog to His almighty who enblaed you to see beayuties and capture them at the best

Bottle Bell Photography said...

Wow! Wow, Wow.
Thank you to everyone who has commented in here.

I will be leaving this open for just a few more days for any last minute friends, and passers by to still enter.

Stay Tuned. (If you subscribed, you will receive the message with winners when I post!)

Ashley | Bottle Bell

Unknown said...

wow...i can't believe you're from here in MN. :D

i noticed a comment from martha (iseethemoon)...her and i did a photoshoot on my farm last summer. it'd be awesome for all of us to get together sometime! :D


Anonymous said...

I'd love a piece of your artwork.
It's amazing, and would love to hang it in my house.

Best wishes in your endeavors.
You are truly talented.

Garret C.
San Diego. California.


Beth Armsheimer said...

beautiful portrait

amici said...

Wow !

your work is awesome !!

thanks for sharing it throug flickr.

The music of your site goes perfect for your art, what is the name of that beautiful music?

keep the good work !

Anonymous said...

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