Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hey Readers-

I know it's been awhile! This season has been magical (to say the least).
Hope you all have been very well !!!

The weather couldn't be any more beautiful, here in the midwest, and I've tried to take special advantage of it, by spending as much time outside (shooting) as I possibly can. Although, I do wish we were having more thunderstorms. I think we have had only 2, which seems very odd for summertime?

I wanted to do a mid-year roundup post, today, though, and mention my social networks, so that in case you are cruising by or one of my readers, you'd be able find me on not only one, but all of them.

So, in no particular order, I'll lay them out :)

My Website
Deviant Art

Sooo, if you are on any of those, and we are not yet acquainted, please feel free to add me. :)


In other news, I am going to be starting back up with my 'Artist Spotlight' feature within the next few weeks, which I am very excited about. If you know of an artist that deserves to be spotlighted, please message me so I can be introduced to their work, if I've not yet heard about or seen their work :)


Lastly, since I want to keep this blog post short, and sweet, the latest book, "In Her Own Image" from the Female Self Portrait Artist Support Group, on FLICKR, is about to be made available for purchase to the public. I've received my copy - (I went with a softcover), and it's just beautifully done. The book will be available through BLURB. It will be available at THIS LINK when it's been made public. For now, you can page through their first book: "She Took Her Own Picture" which has been available to the public for some time. All proceeds from the second book, "In Her Own Image" (as mentioned in a previous post) go to an international women's charity, who go by the name "Madre".

And that's IT ... for now :p

I'll leave you with a simple, (more candid than usual portrait of myself), taken just a few days ago, while I had the lovely opportunity to take an afternoon off, and go play with my first camera - a vintage film Pentax, in a neighboring, GIGANTIC wheat field.

Thanks soo much for viewing!
Best always-
Ash | Bottle Bell


Mark said...

Cool portrait. :)

I started out with a Pentax like that one.

Unknown said...

thanks so much for featuring our book here:) I've been following your blog but this is the same time I'm commenting...I really like it here...