Friday, August 28, 2009

Off topic - Movies I can't wait for! May you also find some inspiration in these!!!

Okay, so besides photography and writing, I'm not only a LOVER of movies, but find SOOO much inspiration within them to continue creating in my own work. I thought I'd post the trailers for the ones (movies) on the horizon I am on the edge of my seat for, in hopes you might, too, find some inspiration and excitement in watching them.

No matter what kind of Photographer you are, I think you'll find something in one of these that gives you a bit of a smile & a bit of a chill!

And PS...Ignore the fact I couldn't quite scale these down enough to lay properly in this post. Sorry 'bout the overlapping of this post ;)

First up we have: "Inception"

To follow that, we now have one that's on the VERY TOP of my 'to see' list: "Alice in Wonderland"

Next up, we have a favorite book from my childhood "Where the Wild Things Are" (a total classic) that's finally been made into a movie!!!

Moving along... give this one a spin: "Avatar" by James Cameron. (an epic Action/Adventure)

And Lastly, just to chill your bones, I thought I'd mention the eagerly anticipated "Shutter Island"

Talk soon-
Ash ;)


Alma said...

Suggestions (:


Paper heart:

500 days of summer:



Maybe some are not as inspiring as they could be.. but i think they are great movies.

Ink is one of my faves actually!

Ligeia said...

Great choices missy!!

I totally agree with Bauni about "500 days of summer"


Bottle Bell Photography said...

Awesome posts ladies!!

Anonymous said...

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