Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Voting for this contest has been closed. My sincerest THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to head on over, sign up, and support my writing. It truly means the world to me. Winners will be announced Dec. 9th, at which time I will update this again ;)

PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE THING before voting. Voting is here: http://www.brightstar-movie.com/contest/ To cast your vote for my letter, My name is listed as: "Ashley L, Minneapolis, Mn"

::FINGERS CROSSED:: ---> This entire effort's end result is to replace MY BROKEN CAMERA...

Alright FRIENDS AND FAM!!!! My lips have been sealed.

Here's the backstory. This photo above, entitled: "Gracianaughta" (a made up word that symbolizes everything 'beautiful' so-to-speak) was inspired by the reason I am writing and posting this.

THE MOVIE 'BRIGHT STAR'. <--- Not only was this movie my favorite movie of ALL TIME, but I also entered, after seeing the film, a hand made love letter contest sponsored by the movie, and it's website! About 3 weeks after entering the "Be My Bright Star Love Letter Contest", which was a nationwide call to the public, I got a call from a man in New York telling me I was a finalist for my writings, and presentation of the letter.
HERE IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP!!! The letter has been photographed, and put onto the movies official site, and is open to the PUBLIC FOR VOTING FOR JUST A FEW DAYS! The PUBLIC (and I am seriously hoping my network of friends will cast a vote) DECIDES THE WINNER. Yesterday, when I looked at all the finalists' hand made love letters, including my own, I was very impressed and proud of the writings (this is the first poem I've EVER shared publicly, and you can read it) but was a bit disheartened to see that in photographing mine, they left out a TON of the presentation. So in this post, I wanted to share with you how I made the letter, in hopes to give those of you that might have a moment to vote an idea what it all looked like.

So here goes...
I wrote the poem on handmade, antiqued parchment with a quill, and ink (a task in itself) and folded the letter in the old fashion - (into itself). I then fashioned a handmade envelope to house my poem out of beautiful bright red & yellow fall leaves that i gathered at a park and sealed them with dripping waxes, and an old metal seal to hold it in place.

After the envelope of leaves was made, I sewed it into a more sturdy holder made from vintage cloth and laces, and finally, it was held together by twine. I spent days on this project, and I wrote the poem myself.

Now for the prize...
The prize is a $5,000 dollar ring, which I was hoping to trade in (after 3 and 1/2 years of waiting) for a better camera. Can you believe I am still working on an entry level DSLR, with a broken sensor?... It's time.


Please take a moment to vote. It would mean the world to me. HERE'S THE LINK: http://www.brightstar-movie.com/contest/

My picture and letter are under the name: "Ashley L, Minneapolis, MN" if you have time to cast a vote :-) ;) Again, THANK YOU. And thank you to those who've already voted. I really believe that with positive thinking, and the help of my networks, I CAN DO THIS. Ash. xxo

Additional info on this contest: As I mentioned, the public decides the winner, and you can vote once a day through the 30th on their website. Link listed.
Further, you do not need to confirm an email. It's a quick few seconds to vote, and it's anonymous. :-)

And that's it. Pheeew.
Wish me luck, and Thank yoouuuuuu(!!!)

Ashley Lebedev | Bottle Bell


Anna Lynn said...

VOTED!! check check! I will leave the comment on your facebook wall, since it's fillin' up over there. It's beautiful work, and I love how you described it's presentation. Really moving poetry. :)

Anonymous said...

I voted for Your letter or should i say great handmade masterpiece because this is how my girlfriend will send a letter for me... (You two have similar style i must say :)

but mainly because i liked Your words best...this is most important part of the letter for me...words
They would always matter for me the most if i was the one who would open this letter... My fingers are crossed for You, hope You win and enjoy Your long-awaited new camera

Best regards
Radek from Poland

Bottle Bell Photography said...

Thank you! I really appreciate the support and kind words. xx

ash ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey my sweet Ash~
Glad as usual to have you in my life and breathe your inspiration and passion into my soul...well needed of course because some days I am lacking any of my own. Of course I would vote, but most of all because I loved the letter, loved the envelope (what we could see of it) and especially loved the heart--lucky man, isn't he?! I voted also cuz I love u always! Hope you make it big time and I would love to see the pictures you took before you sent it out! Maybe I will be honored with your own work in my home :) Hannah will vote too! Miss you


chris said...

yup, voted - loved the words, really love your photos - landscapes especially (considering I was feeling bored with landscape photography recently, that's saying something). Figured if anyone deserves to win stuff to get a new camera, then you do. One of my students (National Diploma Photography, Plymouth England!) put me on to your work, we showed it to the whole class and it was well recieved.

regards, Chris, England

Bottle Bell Photography said...

Wow. THANK YOU. I appreciate the notes and the support! xx

ash ;)

Maplemusketeer said...

Done and Done! :D

May fortune shine upon thee, and then it shall shine on us as well via your fabulous photography ;)

Anonymous said...

I voted for your letter and hope that you win.
Very beautiful work (all of your photography!)and wish the very best for you.

ErinbrookMN (twitter)

Olas del mar bravĂ­o said...

Your profile photo is amazing. I really like it.
Nice blog too, keep on updating;)

Ivett C. said...

I love your description of how you made the envelope. I wish they would have captured that in the images. However, your words stnd strong by themselves. You have y vote, and good luck!

-Ivett C.