Monday, January 25, 2010

The Myth of Cattleya - Behind the Scenes

Well, I've finally wrapped up shooting/working for 8 consecutive days and just as I thought I was going to allow myself to rest, I ended up editing for the entire weekend. Of course I did. ::laughs::


This is my first shoot of the year and was inspired by a 48 line poem I wrote about 6 months ago by the same name.

I will be sharing that poem at a later date (as part of a very exciting and atmospheric project).

Essentially the poem tells the story (the myth) of a woman named Cattleya who lives within a world that is no longer alive. This is her choice as it's a place she lost a loved one, and so she stays within this empty, lifeless, ageless, frozen bog to remain close with him. To do this, however, she has to die as well (in a sense). Her bouquet was made from wetland materials and we weaved cobwebs into her hair. I made the wreath from materials that could be found within a bog and that I thought could pull subtle colors into a very muted palette.

While my model was here, the weather (which has been much lower than 0 degrees for much of the winter) let up a bit and just barely allowed us to shoot.

On location work will always be my very favorite, so we hiked out to a semi frozen (and very large) bog. The day we shot these particular pieces it was about 25 degrees, but with the gusting wind, it ended up feeling about 14 degrees.

I hope you enjoy!

More notes below the pics, and one favor I always ask, please feel free to look, but please be mindful of copyright, and don't swipe. ;)

All images within my blog are © Ashley | Bottle Bell ™

My Model, Angela - (just after wrapping where none of us could feel our limbs)

The Myth of Cattleya...

For those who dislike watermarks, these pieces can be viewed (in full screen mode) on my website where you will also be able to see in better detail the spiderwebs in front of her face and the mist that she fades into.

Thank you all for stopping by and for your continued support in my creative endeavors.
More work coming very soon from another shoot taken during those 8 days ;)

Ashley | Bottle Bell

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Tim W. said...

2 questions.

1) Will you marry me?
2) How do you do it, Ashley!? You are so consistently unique and unparalleled in what you go for with your shoots.

I'm going to subscribe. Always a pleasure! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the muted tones and the setting. Wow..Beautifully done!!

Ligeia said...

fantastic shots and postpro missy!

Unknown said...

just gorgeous! i love these new pieces! divine!

Kell said...

beautiful work! you're very talented xo

Sharon said...


Sharon said...

Where did you get this inspiration from? Every time I check out your blog something hits a very personal note with me. My son died, almost 6 years ago, and a big part of me died too and still lives in a place only the two of us exist ... Your work is exquisite.