Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hey everyone, just a quickie post!

I received these scans (they are out in the UK, but not in the US as of yet ;) from a lovely gentleman last week, and finally have a moment to post. :)

This is my feature in the April, 2010 Issue (issue 41) of Digital SLR Photography Magazine.
This will be available in all major bookstores, worldwide.

I hope some of you are able to grab a copy, and I truly hope you enjoy.
The 2 page spread was very humbling.

As a photographer, it's sometimes hard to relay to the public this thought, but when we all get so use to seeing things on the computer, they really do look SO MUCH BETTER IN PRINT. I prefer actual prints, but seeing "Arethusa Woodlands" larger is very cool in the mag.

Of Note**** The narrative in this feature reads like I wrote it, and to a degree I did provide some of the information, but these are not my words. I wrote it very differently and it has been rewritten. I was a bit disappointed by someone who took the liberty of rewriting the descriptions & motivations behind my photos. However, all in all, I am incredibly grateful for this lovely honor, and I again hope those of you who get to a bookstore are able to check it out. :)
A special thank you to EVERYONE at Digital SLR Magazine for this lovely opportunity to showcase some of my work on this platform, as well as Simon Lunn for the scans!


In other news...

I have a GREAT few artist spotlights (1 this Friday!) in the coming month that I cannot wait to share. A really diverse and gorgeous pool of talent coming at you!

Lastly, for those of you who've ever wanted to have me photograph you, or who've inquired about getting shots done for family, senior, modeling, fashion, life, etc... just to hear I don't shoot commercially anymore, I'm putting together a little something that might excite you. Give me a few days to get that all put together. I'd like to make one person's 'dream' shot into a reality. x

Ash | Bottle Bell ;)

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Desi Saunderson said...

Goodness. I am in the UK! Running to the bookstore now...

That's probably the largest I'll see your beautiful work. Hrmmm, maybe I ought to by a print.

Anonymous said...

how exciting!

congrats, dear!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Really impressed by your works...

Brittany Irvine said...

Congrats on the spread! My bf is in London, UK and I just sent him out to go buy it for me as I'm in California.. however, he said the April issue is number 42? And he couldn't find you in there... he said maybe it's the March one? Or maybe he just picked up the wrong mag, Idk! But I hope he can find it to bring me one when he comes to visit! ;D
The spread looks great from what I can see! Very exciting for you! I love your work!

Brittany Irvine said...

Ash! Just to let you know.. he found the right one today! (He had picked up a Digital SLR User Magazine.. so the wrong one it was!) So he bought it for me! Yay! Have to support an artist I love! Congrats again and all the best! x

Laura Crowell said...

aw, congratulations! that's so exciting! I love seeing work by photographers that I've followed on the internet appear in publications. the spread looks great~

Michael Van der Tol said...

Congrats Ashley. Your star is rising!

jasmoonbutterfly said...

congrats...beautiful work well deserved x