Saturday, April 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes of My Life... Take 3.

Well, I haven't done a behind the scenes of my life post in quite a while, so I put a little something together...

A very quiet self portrait I snapped last evening while watching a very quiet and beautiful sunset.

hope you enjoy. ;)
ash x



Anonymous said...

I LOVE your hat!

You have such an elegance (especially in following you on facebook for the last year) that I think is so apparent in this shot.

An avid fan.

Miles said...

This soooo embodies who you are, Ashley. After having met you in person on a meetup, I'm so thrilled to see that you can still in all your current busy hoopla take some time to show us who's behind that lens!

Thank you!

Julie Blair said...

I love this...beautiful and soft. Thanks for sharing.
~Julie (A big Fan of your work!)

Samantha Nandez said...

This is one of those images. A truly classic portrait, strong lines, strong light, strong composition. Timeless.

Saranna said...

This is a very sensual and beautiful photo, a great portrait, too.