Monday, April 12, 2010

Behind The Scenes | Sneak Peaks | Raina Hein!

Hello everyone!

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of working with the lovely America's Next Top Model (Cycle 14) contestant Raina Hein. I've worked with Raina in the past on my Ophelia shoot, and she's an absolute doll to work with.

This last Saturday, Raina and I got back together to shoot a storyboard.
Before I share the finished edits from that shoot (which has become my favorite shoot to date) I wanted to share some behind the scenes/sneak peaks from what that day involved... :)

Hope you enjoy & as I've said before, those who follow or subscribe to my blog will get exclusive content from my shoots that are not posted anywhere else. Hope you enjoy, and I truly appreciate the continued support.

Cannot wait to share the finished pieces from what we've dubbed "The Highlands" Storyboard/Shoot.

Here we go & keep an eye on Flickr for the finished pieces from this country shoot!


When Raina & Lacey were in my bathroom doing makeup...

After we arrived at the first spot, Raina & Lacey (my wonderful MUA) hammed it up while we set up...

Once we were set up, the owner of the farm (thank you, Lynn!) brought out our other 'model' for this segment of the shoot & we all about died! ...

After we shot the wonderful lamb segment of this shoot, we headed back over to my farm to shoot the other piece. These few shots are from that portion of the day...

A huge thank you to:
Raina Hein
L.Mae Artistry
My wonderful assistant (and mum) Waunita Shaw
Lynn (who so kindly allowed us to use her farm & helped with the beautiful baby lamb)

I hope you enjoyed this Behind the Scenes!

I will be posting the first shot from this shoot tonight on my Flickr.

Ashley | Bottle Bell

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Mark said...

Wow. Just saw this on Flickr. You've just outdone yourself!

Wonderful to see these behind the scenes. Find it really interesting ;)

Unknown said...

Love the Behind the Scenes Ashley! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Can't wait to see more! :)

Samantha Nandez said...

I already love the concept!! It looks like it went well, can't wait to see the rest of the photos :D

Unknown said...

I love the behind the scenes stuff! Her hair is just gorgeous.