Thursday, April 01, 2010

Raven Shoot - Rae Weisz - BEHIND THE SCENES

Hello all, just wanted to post a few behind the scenes to go w/ the latest shots on my Flickr Stream. (Taken in late February).

The model for the "Raven" shoot was the lovely ANTM cycle 13 finalist Rae Weisz.
I had a great team this day and these were taken about an hour before we went out on location during hair and makeup.

Hope you enjoy!

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Kasey P said...

I just love that you show us the behind the scenes stuff...

It really brings a sense of intimacy (and the amount of time you put into these pieces) to your work and to the craft.

A HUGE FAN of your work, and LOVE the new shots on Flickr.

Anonymous said...

Love the shots from this shoot on your Flickr page :)

Unknown said...

i LOVE your work. so inspiring.

ibistudiobeauty said...

all your work is so heart felt. the lighting the coloring and expressions you capture on the faces of your models are ingenious. i can feel the effect you were trying to get from each photo! i inspire to take photos like this!