Tuesday, May 10, 2011


there have been exactly 3 messages in my career (5 yrs) that have moved me to tears with how (often surprisingly) beautiful the process of inspiring & CREATING can be in impacting the lives of others. (photogs, artists, dreamers: it is *so* important what we do) | read that over and over and over again.

i got that 3rd message this afternoon, in a target store dressing room and had to sit down while i read such an incredibly personal message about one woman's heroic life journey that ends each night in her coming to my work for her solace.

And it got me to thinking that I really wanted to share this thought with others.

Anyway, artists/people who endeavor: this is LONG overdue:

i'd like to make a toast: ::raises glass:: TO ALL OF YOU WHO CREATE, INSPIRE, DREAM, ASPIRE, And Spin like you are still a child: here's to YOU. Because, guess what? - you inspire ME.

and readers: when you write me messages about my work inspiring you, i'm just floored. (really)
you better know and believe that i take those messages and spin them into my writing and imagery. this is the journey of the artist.

There is an incredible quote about life that goes something like this:

'dont ask what the world needs. ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. because what the world needs is people who have come alive.' - howard thurman

so much love.
ash x


Samantha Nandez said...

<3 Much love to you!!

And I adore that quote!

carrie said...

beautiful. just found you on FB. great thoughts!!

Seanika said...

thank you for this post!))
much love to U 2 <3