Saturday, December 03, 2011

Unwritable Girl ..

Can you all just tell my ambitious and beautiful Ashley she shouldn't leave her accounts signed in when she falls asleep, writing Workshops, if she doesn't want someone who loves her to post a blog of her angel face without permission?

Ash, I'm hijacking your blog to say I love you.

This is what you get for


: Being kind
: Never letting me photograph you when you're awake
: Being so smart and awesome
: looking like this when you sleep
: Inspiring the hell outta me
: Talking to me in inconceivable poems
: Cooking for me at 6 am
: That smile
: Making me see the world in better ways, through your flutter-by eyes
: Having cheeks that are even sharper than your eyes
: Your voice
: Always falling asleep too damn early.



Here now, I'll sing this back to you, I'll try.
Heck, I'll scream it.
I'll even play the damn fiddle if you do that spin thing yer bound to do ..


"That full bellied moon, She's a'shinin' on me.

She pulls on this heart like she pulls on the sea ..

And you came on strong like some running wave."





i-am-cc said...

this is so cute, <3

Anonymous said...

Love the subtle softness and the charming feminine mystique. Very beautiful... :-)

Jarka H. said...

Really interesting article! Thank you for writing it!