Thursday, July 05, 2012

American West & Europe | Countryside in Autumn | My long overdue Photo Journals of 2011

Creature People!

Until I have the time to properly post these to the blog... between workshops, this new secret project (!!) just returning from 40 days of living on the road out west, mentoring session preparation and, finally, packing to leave for a summer alone, in the UK & Europe (leaving July 17 w/ a layover in Iceland!) I wanted to simply link you to my (now made public) Facebook albums (to which they are already posted) of the absolutely longest photo journal(s) (with more to come within them as time allows) that I've ever posted, covering Mid Spring of 2011, until early Autumn 2011, as well as a journal that covers my life behind the lens, in Autumn of 2011, spanning thousands of miles and over two continents and three countries. That's a mouthful.

Click the links below to enter the album of choice w/ a little sampling below from each.(***very important note on viewing: You will likely have to be logged into a facebook, in some way, to see either set. If you aren't logged into facebook, it may say that they are unavailable or that you don't have permission, which isn't the case, so just LOG IN.) 

Please enjoy as I know so many waited so patiently, now over a year overdue for the America/Euro one. I've made the album(s) as public as possible, for quick viewing.

Ashes, x

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wollreflections said...

hallo sir, great collections..referring the sites like yours increase my confidence level..thankyou and all the best for your future