Monday, July 16, 2012

New "Dust Bowl" Imagery!


As I pack my bags to leave for Europe tomorrow, thought it'd be nice to post, before I go, the latest imagery for "Dust Bowl".
This collection is really and truly, slowly, becoming the most incredible brain child project. So many plans for it.

For now, hope you love the imagery. I've no doubt I'll be photographing more for this, overseas as well as some pretty amazing things for "Faerieland".

To refresh, for those who are new to this collection...

"DUST BOWL" is a ::cinematic:: recreation/retelling of the Great Depression Era of American History, in people, places and things, not only recounting the destitution and poverty of the time, but also interweaving imagery of daily life that may have occurred before the events that led up to "Black Tuesday" and all that inevitably followed.

For last year's blog regarding the beginning of this collection, you can check it out, here.


New Imagery...


Dasha Ermolenko:

David Mendolia:

My uber buddy and photographer, Brooke Shaden:

The incredibly wonderful photographer and my friend, Alex Stoddard:

The lovely Christopher John Hills:

more to come soon, including...the elderly and the children of Dust Bowl (!)


For this collection, in its entirety, please visit (while my site is undergoing a pretty massive overhaul & update) my facebook fan, at:

Ash x


Azaa said...

I love you Ashley!! your photos are so deep, I don't know, somehow I feel like I can get lost in them! you're amazing!

Ashutosh Tiwari said...

Hi Ashley,

Absolutely fantastic clicks there! Love you pictures nd blog! Keep it up!!

canvas printing said...

these are really beautiful shots they caught my eye and really drew me in great work just gorgious you are very talented

.E. said...

Love these wow.. so good.