Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Faerieland!

Hello to all!

I felt it was time to touch base w/ some new work. (!)

2013 has been incredibly busy, not only creatively but also in terms of travel and the locations I've had the pleasure of shooting within. I've photographed thus far, everywhere from the Pacific Northwestern Rainforest of Oregon & Washington state (my favorite place on Earth) as well as in NYC and back in Minneapolis. So many new characters & so many yet to come.

The character synopsis' for each of them can be found on my Facebook Fan under the "Faerieland" folder/album, while my site is undergoing its new overhaul (which I'm very excited to launch)

Hope you enjoy these new pieces & thank you to all for the overwhelming amount of love & support this year, thus far, on every network.

I will try to post these all in chronological order and I am posting these in their entirety, but as many of you already know with Faerieland, there are often hidden faces & elements that cannot be found or seen unless you zoom in, so detail shots of those are also on my facebook fan. X

Lastly, while my site is in transition, for those who dig higher resolution, please view my 500px account to see them as sharp as they are intended.


"Ephymn" | [Song of Transient Things]






"The Seer" 




"Birds of Passage" (Sequence, Image 1)


Again, THANK ---> YOU.

- Ash

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