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SEPTEMBER ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Tim Kruskamp (Silent Shudder Photography)

Greetings Everyone!

FALL IS HERE! Can you believe it?! I went to bed with green trees in my yard, and woke with them yellowing. It's so bittersweet, but I always am so happy to begin a new season, especially this one, which often lends itself perfectly to a beautiful backdrop for those of us that live behind the lens...

So...guess what...?!

Today I have the distinct pleasure of spotlighting not only the amazingly talented and diverse photographer, Tim Kruskamp, but I also get to interview someone who's a very close, and fantastically kind friend of mine. Tim Kruskamp (of Silent Shudder Photography) was one of my very earliest mentors, and inspirations as I endeavored down this career path just a few years ago, so today I'd like to give a little back in bringing him to your eyes, if you've not yet been introduced to his work. He's the rare breed of Photographer and Artist that is always there to encourage as well as share knowledge within the field of photography, which can be so hard to find

Tim has an amazingly diverse (and brave) portfolio that ranges from beautifully conceived Conceptual Portraiture to very experimental pieces, and when I first found him, myself, years ago, I was entranced by his incredibly unique Moodscapes, as you will see below...

So, again, let's hit the ground running!

The Artist, Tim Kruskamp...

: What is your full name?
A: Tim Kruskamp

Q: Where in the world are you located?
A: I'm currently located in the southeastern part of Ohio, USA.

Q: Self taught or schooled?
A: 100% self taught!


Selected Works:


Q: What services do you offer clientele?
A: Generally I offer the basics with a slight twist, meaning services such as photography for children, high school seniors, pets, models, bands, and occasionally small weddings but with a more emotional, sometimes darker, candid style. My clientele must be aware of the style of imagery they will be purchasing from me in advance since my work is a bit edgier.

Q: How would you best describe both your vision and style as a Photographer & Artist?
A: I would describe my vision as being mostly personal. I often create these images for therapeutic reasons, which is why I seem to strike a deeper chord with a more sensitive, emotional audience. I often quote myself, when asked about my style, by saying that I love finding beauty in the darkest of places. It's the hidden self in a still shot, so to speak.

Q: What gear do you work with, and what piece do you find you could not live without?
A:Currently I am using an Olympus EVOLT E-500. It's a fairly mid-level digital camera but I have found that my sixth sense of knowing when to click the shutter without posing someone is a more important quality to possess than the best gear...although it is nice if you can afford it. I believe that my work would be a little less dramatic if I didn't have my trusty (and cheap) wide angle attachment near me at all times.


Selected Works:


Q: In your career, what has been your single greatest memory or favorite moment thus far? (i.e.: award, publication, comment, shoot, etc)
A: Probably, as far as achievements go, being published in Gothic Beauty Magazine this year was a great moment but I would have to thank Topsy Turvy Designs and model Beaux Deadly for helping me with that. As for memories, I have many associated with each and every shoot. I've made some great friends in the short time I've been working with humans!

Q: What has been your biggest lesson?
A: I would have to say that it's simply trusting your instincts and taking the shot...and underestimating the weather!

Q: Do you see yourself switching gears in any way now or in the future?
A: I constantly push my limits as a photographer and artist but I doubt that I will stray to far from my roots anytime soon. I do what I do because it's a true piece of who I am so I can't think of any reason I would want to abandon that at all.

Q: You inspire so many. Now…who & what inspires you? Do you have a favorite artist? (doesn't need to necessarily be another photographer)
A: I guess I never really stop and think about how I may inspire others but my growing popularity must have some justification in this equation, I'm just happy that others "get" what I see. My inspirations come from the simplest of life's encounters really. A brief moment of rain, a passing thought, the wind on a cool autumn's day...these are the things that inspire me most. I don't think I have a so called favorite artist but I admire anyone that can draw emotion out of nothing.

Q: Other than a Photographer, I know you are a musician. Give us the scoop on that!
A: Well, I am the bassist in a heavy/alternative band called Pets or Meat, which allows me to get out the occasional anger in my blood. On the flipside I write and record my own ambient, down-tempo, chill, acoustic/electric pieces that I feel integrates well with my art in a project called Dead Tree Symphony. Music and art go hand in hand in hand in my opinion.

Q: How about the guy behind the lens? Who is he, and what do you enjoy doing in your downtime?
A: Hmm, he is quiet, reclusive, and elusive most of the time which possibly comes off as arrogant but I assure you that is not the case at all. In my downtime I enjoy spending quality time with my girl Serina, driving the lonely back roads looking for inspiration, watching paranormal documentaries and programs on TV and the net, researching conspiracy theories, cooking, and hanging with my cats. I'm a simple folk.


Selected Works:


Q: What is your favorite concept, piece, or shoot you’ve ever done, and give us the back story on it? Why is it your favorite?
A: I honestly don't put a ton of thought into conceptual imagery as much as I just try to catch an emotional moment that will make you stop and think, but I do love the recent work that I did with a little 8 year old rising star named Raina. It's always fun to fuse together things of an innocent nature into darker, foreboding atmosphere that allows the viewer's imagination to create a story line all on their own.

Q: Any advice for the many photographers (seasoned pros & beginners) that look up to you?
A: Trust your instincts, use unusual angles and lighting to your advantage, always experiment outside of the box (you'll be surprised what can surface from simply experimenting). Know your editing software well, and never copy someone's work, but instead try to utilize the emotion that someone's art can create within your own visions.

To learn more about Tim Kruskamp & Silent Shudder Photography you may visit his:

Model Mayhem Profile


And that should do it for this month's feature...

Thank you for visiting the blog, and I hope you've enjoyed the spotlight!
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Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm in awe. Always love these spotlights...

That first shot knocked me outta my chair!

Thanks for the heads up on this Artist! :)

Tim said...

Thank you again for this opportunity Ash!

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Awesome. Just awesome!

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