Monday, September 28, 2009

September Shoots! - Behind The Scenes...

Hello all!

Thought I'd post some behind the scenes/outtakes from the last few shoots for fun, plus the end photo from each shoot. :)

The first shoot is my homage to Shakespeare's "Ophelia" from the play Hamlet, and my reinterpretation of the story, for my latest collection, called "Tributes to the Masters"... in which I pay homage to some of my favorite artists of all time. (poets, writers, painters, etc...)

It was shot in 2 locations, with the beautiful model: Raina Hein. The picture below, entitled, "Lady O" is the first of 2 from the infamous story of the doomed Ophelia. Stay tuned for the next from that series, where she is in a bog... | Difficult shoot, but very very fun. (the sneak from the bog shot is below :)

"Lady O"

Behind the scenes/outtakes...

The next shots are some behind the scenes from my shoot: "Orchid", with the lovely and beautiful model, Hailey Bergsten (who also happens to be my baby sister ;)


Behind the scenes...

Ash | Bottle Bell Photography

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Julie Blair said...

These are wonderful! Can't wait to see more. :-)

Emmanu Elle said...

So beautiful. I'm glad you found me on myspace, your work is totally inspiring! I will put a link to your blog in my list. ~ Emanuelle Bello

Ilan said...

Stunning set.
I really love how you post-process your work.
Glad to find your blog :)