Monday, March 28, 2011

Powerhouse Women Photographers & The Changing Face of Photography


One of the most common emails I get (daily, and many) are usually ones in which I am being asked what I do to become inspired, and further - to stay inspired. In looking at my own work, I bet you can guess a few of my favorite things (and that I draw continual creative energy from...)
Subjects occupying the very top of that list of things, of course, would be: (in no particular order) women, history, simplicity, the forgotten, storytelling, gracefully sad beauty, and fantasy/fairytales.

I can honestly say... everything speaks to me, and much of everything inspires me. I think in life and to create pieces that speak to a broad audience, everything has to speak in some way to you and move you, deep within. Being moved deep within is the catalyst from which all amazing imagery is spun. That is the basis of great work and creativity. This is where I create from. This is the opinion that becomes the resounding image.

And, photographically speaking, there are a few visual artists that I've decided to feature today, having personally found them to be sources of continual inspiration, since I began shooting, back in 2006. I didn't know all of their work back then, but I know all of their work now, and if you want to be inspired, you should too.

To be consistently inspiring as an artist (a stream on flickr, for example, that I know I can always come back to) is not only a talent, but a rarity.

Today feature centers around 13 women, many of whom are friends, and a few I don't know, but who's work I consider to be among the most reliably inspiring in the industry, today - not only for their talent and unique vision, but also because they have that fleeting ability to deliver the elusive and continual dose of creative wonderment. I also respect these women for being themselves and doing something I think is *key* to any lasting career: putting in the time to refine and stand behind your own unique vision, whatever you find that to be.

These women are not only photographers that pack a punch, but women who are changing the face of photography in it's various mediums, from every walk of life, and from every corner of the world. To be pioneers in an industry is no small task, continually putting up your diary for public review. Further, to relay that diary with some dignity, sincerity and consistency, is something else.

Many of you may already know these women (if you don't you are in for quite a treat) but this would be my own list of women to follow and to continue to follow, as you develop yourself as an artist. This isn't a full list by any means, but definitely some of the pillars. Some of these women are well established and a few are still up and coming.

Before I begin, a couple of notes:

1.) Please don't swipe their work. These artists have been kind enough to share so much of themselves with you, already. Be inspired, instead.

2.) This list is in absolutely no particular order.

3.) To view more about any particular photographer, click on their name to go to their website or online portfolio.



Location: Singapore / Toronto, Ontario, Canada / International


Location: Los Angeles, California


Location: Manchester, UK.


Location: London, England


Location: New York, NY / London, England


Location: London / Dublin


Location: Sweden


Location: London, England


Location: Dallas, TX


Location: Iceland


*Lucia Holm (Miss Lulu & The Teaspoon Shortage)
Location: USA


Location: Moscow, Russia


Location: Brighton, England


Also, last but in no way least, I want to direct you to a young and wonderful powerhouse photographer by the name of: Nirrimi (see port here) and though I couldn't get in touch with her before I needed to run this, be sure to check out her amazing vision.

And that does it for today! As for me, I'm just beginning a new season of shoots, the first of which was yesterday 0f 33 slated, thus far...

I'm shooting for two collections (one new & top secret & the other: "Faerieland").
I promise I won't disappoint. ;)

ps. I may run another of these as my shooting season slows. If you know someone who you feel deserves some recognition, feel free to leave a note below. (male or female)


Karen said...

Absolutely awesome!!
What a perfect group of women!

So bummed I missed your print giveaway though...

.E. said...

oh my gosh.. thanks for sharing these.. these are amazing talented photographers I am familiar with a few but not all.. glad you posted these.

N.B said...

Amazing post!!! I love it!!

see you soon

Samantha Nandez said...

I actually follow most of these women. They are all so incredible! I look forward to following the work of a few new ones you've shown me <3

Anonymous said...

I know of most of these women, fabulous choices. Beautiful artists, thank you for sharing.

ShutterBug Photography said...

Thanks for sharing this Ashely there are a few photographers that I feel give off so much inspiration ( you especially) The few that I feel you would love would be Red Generation Photography ( Kevin James) Silent Shudder Photography ( Tim Kruskamp ) Elizabeth May Photography And Arielle Marie Photography ( Arielle Marie Miller Bounthisanh) Some have been published and some are up and coming. Hope you like their works, I know I do! Thanks again for another brilliant read!

cmadcram said...

great post!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

What an amazing group of women! Thank you so much for sharing these inspiring ladies with us! All I want to do is grab my camera & go! =D

evakke said...

awesome! =D

Josh said...

Awesome! How unique are these images!

Rosa said...

love it, love it, love it, love it, love it xxx