Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Friends. I'ts been forever since I did a giveaway, and ... well... it's nearly SPRING! Seems like a perfect time to hold another, just before another season of shooting begins. (and man do I have a season planned ;)

I'll keep this short and sweet, but here's what's up for grabs:

I'll be giving away two prints, this time.

The first: "Summer Hymnal" - (Version 2)

The second: "Elemental" - (from my "Faerieland" series)

SO. How do you go about entering?

Very simple and just a few things:

1.) Be sure you are a fan of my facebook fan page. (my personal profile doesn't count)
2.) "Share" my facebook fan page on either your facebook or twitter. (in your own words, why you like it, are sharing it, etc...)
3.) Lastly, just leave a comment in this blog post that you did both, and you are entered!

Extra Credit: Well, for those who are feeling extra spectacular, you may get (1) additional entry, by doing any of the following, in addition to the above 3 steps:

*featuring my work on your blog
*following this blog from your own, but clicking 'follow' to your right
*featuring my work on flickr (yes you have my permission, but please only use watermarked imagery ;)

Simple, right?


I'll be holding this giveaway beginning this evening - march 30th, 2011 & announcing the winner(s) (being drawn at random) the following day on all networks.

Be sure when you leave your comment/entry that you also leave where I am able to get a hold of you (ie: email, facebook, etc --- but be safe about things, and don't post your telephone number ;)

Thank you & best of luck!


EFFNY said...

Did both, LOVE your work! Contact: Thanks for the chance =)

Savannah Daras said...

Did both, and I'm following your blog :D.
You can contact me on Facebook:

Unknown said...


from your favorite steve

Cardens Photography said...

Did both. Love your work, and a print would look awesome in my office!

Savannah Daras said...

Oh and here is my Twitter, to see my post about you :)!/savannahdaras

Katy Elizabeth said...

I would LOVE to win a print from you. Beautiful. Stunning.



I'll also be featuring you on my flickr and my blog. <3
I'll comment with links again.

Thank youuuuuu.

ShutterBug Photography said...

I posted on facebook a few times and blogged about it!



Fezzy said...

Hi Ash,
I did both too.
Your work is fantastic!
Ive featured you in my blog!
Heres my facebook:!/francesdavoudi
and email:
Thanks =D x

Adrienne McNellis said...

I facebooked and twittered!

And I've already featured some of your work on my blog! Fancy that!

You can reach me at

Anniina said...

I loooove your photos!

my facebook:


+ I've been researching you and your work for my photography lessons at college :) That counts too, right? :)

S Jessica Deal said...

What a fantastic opportunity!!! Your work is breath taking and it'd be such an honor to have a print hanging on my wall! Contact:


Stacie said...

DONE! Shared your page on my facebook! I'm not sure why I haven't done that before!!!!!!!

Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to your random sneak peeks throughout spring!

You can contact me on my facebook or my email stacolvin@gmail

kathy said...

Done, Done and Done! You are such an inspiration. Can't wait to see the new work.♥ You can contact me via FB or Thanks.

Christina Christina GMPLS said...

Did both, thank you so much for this opportunity to be blessed with a chance to win even one of your prints. I am in love with your work and aspire to one day be as a great a visual artist/photographer as you. I always follow your work and always look forward to whats to come. My Facebook is:, Christina Nelson, is my email. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

shooting miranda said...

done and done... and I have all my fingers and toes crossed.
love you!

shooting miranda said...
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ShutterBug Photography said...

I am also following your blog from my blog here on blog spot, have your fan page on Facebook, and I did the comment of facebook and blogged about you. And I am now giving you my info for the drawing.

my email is

and my facebook is

LP said...

Beautiful and meaningful work. I love it

Lowry Wilson said...

Well, it seems I didn't leave contact information. You can reach me through my website in this post.

Simon said...

Yup done it too. Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

done it! :D
loads of love Edwina

Alex said...
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Alex said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity, your work is absolutely inspiring. Did both and am publicly following your blog from mine. Mine is very new and not so many followers as of yet. It will get there! Thanks again.

Kait said...
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Kait said...

Fan, Twittered and Following! :)

Thanks for the opportunity to win!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Whoops, forgot:

Thanks! :)

Serena said...

Ok done on my twitter,on my personal fb and on my fb fan page!unfortunatly I haven't got a blog yet! I really love "Elemental" <3

Have a nice day!

ShavahnElise said...

I did both, Ash. Amazing work--keep it up!

Contact email:

ShutterBug Photography said...

Ok so not only did I face book about , I also blogged about it AND went to my ancient twitter account as well!

Really hope I win this one!


Kinsey Hoos

Christian of Dream Images Photography said...

i did both, znd i have been following your work for a long time and am in awe of it. contact me at:

Justin Dallas said...

Did both Ash - only a pleasure to recommend you, best of luck!

Paris carter said...

Already a fan, you know where to find me (Fb) and tweeter. I've been meaning to blog about you for a long time so when I return from vacation I'll do that and share with on my Fb biz page. X how lovely it would be to have the Summer Hymnal to accompany my other;)


Did both, I love your photos!
my email:


+ I follow your blog on my own.

Ryan O'Connor said...
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nthWORD said...

Great idea and great work!