Monday, October 24, 2011

Faerieland Outtake | October 2011


Just a quick outtake from a recent Faerieland Shoot:

(Hooded Maiden - "Nairn" Sequence)

There are so many of these that never leave the cutting room floor. My shooting season is winding down (writing season is about to kick into full swing!) and if time allows i will edit a few more of the outtakes from this saga and post here or on The Rendering Well, along with a ton of new writing that is about to happen over the late Autumn and long Winter.

There are several from the Dragon's Egg sequence that i'm still working on as well.

I plan, as well, to leave many of these 'outtakes' for the book, exclusively, so that when you open it you will have unseen imagery to further bring these characters to life.

Additionally, for those who haven't heard or read on facebook or twitter, I am writing a novel over the Winter. I've romanticized the entire notion to the max and cannot wait to get this story out of me. It's been building for 20+ years.

**NOTE: Faerieland is almost done for the season (Autumn falls so quickly and before you know it, leaves are gone and the days are too cold to shoot within) but I anticipate shooting as long as possible and Dustbowl will likely continue into the colder months, as it's a lot grittier.

Ashtree, x

PS: BIG news on the horizon, but I'm biting my tongue for now.;)

**Model: Olga Ivanova
**MUA: Lacey O'Sullivan - L.Mae Artistry
Assistants: Karrah Kobus & Kristi Frazier
Photography | Editing: Myself
Designer: Joy Patterson
Flowers by: EARTH ;)


.E. said...

OOOHHHHH MYYYYYY I ADORE THIS IMAGE>> ADORE ADORE ADORE.. wow.. you are such a talent.. such an artist.. wow.. would kill to hang out and shoot with you just once..

Anton said...

Flowers by earth. Beauty in a glimpse, immortalized with such pristine vigor, quintessentially BottleBell, and indubitably beautiful.

Nikki said...

soooo amazing!!!!

Isnan said...

I love your BW picture, amazing

Angelica said...

I've just discovered your blog and I'm fascinated! I've looked at your site for hours:) Such a fairytale like pictures:)
If you have time check out my blog, I'd appreciate it!
Hugs and kisses