Monday, November 14, 2011


guys & dolls! <3
how's fall been treating you? here, it's been pretty much divine. i can say this much: much tea has been consumed, and many long walks during the blue hour with pens and journals. additionally, i'm sitting (currently novel writing) in a stack of 100 year old poem books and doing my best to write several pieces of each chapter, just for the fun of it, on my antique typewriter :)

just wanted to post a quick blog, as I get a lot of emails around the holiday season(s) regarding imagery, sizing, and what I offer.

i'll keep it short & sweet!

sizing for prints are as follows (in inches)

**and so on**

:: when pieces are square format (a few in my port are) images are rounded to the nearest square offering, staying as close as possible to the above mentioned specs.

my imagery comes on fine art archival papers, and I offer both limited and non limited editions.
everything comes hand signed (of course) and, if applicable, numbered.

additionally, framing & matting are available w/ about a 2 week turnaround time (as of now) on top of about a 1 week for a simple print order.

please find below a small sampling of my pieces created within the last year (or so), though I'm sure blogspot is just going to break my heart with her ever-so-low quality ;)
feel free to clickity click to make'er just a bit bigger.

the entire roster of my work can be found on my WEBSITE, save for "Dust Bowl" which is (for now -sorry for the inconvenience) only viewable upon this blog as well as my 500 px. (though, this blog is the only place in which it's posted in it's entirety).

feel free to email w/ questions or to place an order. buying art shouldn't be scary or daunting, but fun. ya here? ;)


and that's all she wrote!

ashtree, x

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