Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Excited to announce that I will be a part of this new book!


Long time no see. I know, I know...
I just returned a few weeks ago from 40 days on the road in which I re-visited the rainforests of the PNW as well as the vacant Pacific Coast Shores, hiking & camping along the empty rock beaches. I also made it into the Columbia River Gorge & down into Oregon.
Cities enveloped my imagination, especially Seattle (where I think I am moving to, in the not - too - distant future) | The whole of that trip was spent on trains, in the backs of cars, in hostels, on floors, on couches, new people, new ideas, tents, beaches, in the fog, the rain, the misting in-between. There was so much walking, so few proper nights of rest. It was all fluid, the movement of dreams. It was like a symphony, really.
Beyond that, I have been shooting, beginning a new collection & continuing my beloved: "faerieland" and "dust bowl" (will post details about new collection tomorrow) as well as writing writing, writing, even beginning a new secret blog experiment that I will post about within the year, once it's established & up and running. 
Lastly, workshops begin on July 1 for "Project Muse" w/ completely sold out enrollment, this first time around.
I have 2 openings for anyone wanting to begin Project Muse in September (1) of this year.

But, for now, I simply wanted to post that I am very excited & honored to be a part of a new retouching book, available within a few weeks at both Barnes & Noble as well as on Amazon.

I will have a two page feature covering my work, my vision and my tip for new, burgeoning photographers & aritsts.

To read about that, simply click hereclick here. (the first of those covering not just my section, but the whole of the book and the intent for it. :)

Talk soon, 

ashes, x

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Anonymous said...

Congrats - that's really amazing, ash! when is this book expected to be released?