Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Fable Hill" | A new collection.

Okay, crazy kids,'s how it started.

When i returned back from my trip from out west, i was inspired, i was creatively renewed, i was ready to shoot something and i was ready to shoot something different.

I found an old book (from 1880, to be exact) at the farm I grew up on. It was called "The Crown Jewels" and I brought it back to my apartment in Mpls, laying the book on an old cupboard of mine, where it would sit during the day. I was eyeing it. All I knew was that it was so phenomenally well preserved, 1000 pages of poetry, so many stories and every time I jumped to a new page, there was another mysterious little poem.

I stalked back & forth, fist to lips, scrunched eyebrows, in deep contemplation. Let's skip forward a few weeks. What should I do with this book? I just kept wondering. It was such a cool tome & had to be worthy of a great image. Or, rather, the image had to be worthy of that book and the amount of inspiration pulled from it.

Then, without ever coming to a conclusion, I left one afternoon, coming back into my upstairs little flat while the sun was setting through my windows.

The light, the book. Oh my.

I just knew what to do.
The sun was screaming sideways through my window, the contrast of dreams.
Photogs, I know you know what I'm talking about: that butter light, spooling across things, that you have for about 1 hour but, the best of it, only about 10 minutes.

I ran downstairs, flung the door open, ran to the side of the house to a giant group of monster sized dandelion or milkweed poofs in the garden, grabbed one & ran back upstairs. I had a hunch about the sun, that book, that poof and some amazing shadows. I laid the poof across the pages and a pattern was weaved by sunlight...


And that's when it happened: a collection was born, something worthy of this amazing book and the imagery I have shot since. Further, the imagery ideas I have cooking in my brain ever since.

And, with that...I want to introduce to you, "Fable Hill".

(please feel free to click image & make bigger (right click it and open link in a new tab to bypass the new preview screen) but please don't swipe)

This new collection is about an old Victorian manor house (Fable Hill) weaving portraiture & still life together. It's going to be chock-full of little visual morsels, just like an old house.
It's going to be about the things that happen there.

Think fog, think spooling fields, think old attics & rusty oddities.
Think quirky.
Think skeleton keys.
Think old world.
Think about a place like that, left vacant, left with all of its things, left to its own devices. Think of what could happen in a place like that, when no one was looking.

I am not sure how long this series will be but what I do know is that there might be more questions than answers. I want it to be one big mystery, unfolding through imagery.
The rest? My lips are zipped.

Here are the first few sneaks and thank you for the beautifully warm reception about this new series on my facebook fan page.

I get excited about presenting work that inspires you.


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