Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Moving Day! [Dreams] | Goodbye MINNESOTA!


today i board a train upon which i will romanticize finishing a novel I started back in 2011 as it carries me over the long haul of 38 hours & 1,800 miles from the home i've known here in Minneapolis to a new home on the pacific northwestern coast- a place that i hope to begin the next chapter of my life in a manner that suits myself & my work with something of great beauty.

the last time i rode this route i remember riding through glacier national park at sundown as the amish aboard sang hymnals & a man whose name escapes me now, played a fiddle late into the night. there was whiskey & there was singing & there was laughter.

i look at my suitcase, my one lone ranger to this retro kitchen, packed to the gills with things i'm bringing of my life & it sits amidst a house of the things i inevitably have to leave behind: ...prop dresses, medieval buckets, headpieces, old favorite clothing, books, stuffed animals, my art along walls, cameras, a typewriter, blankets that lovers, friends & myself used to stay warm these years as they blow in and blow out of my life. | all of that so & so & such & such still resides here - an inventory of the who's who of my life has collected to this little second story flat on 2nd street.

and though i'm torn, i'm so ready.
and i think this is what life is, this middle area of letting go & riding that 'go' where you direct the intention to take you. it's that fluid recognition of abiding by your heart, not only when it's beautiful and easy, but when it's scary and involves a whirlwind of change & pushing to the very very edge.

so, with a very bittersweet & incredibly open heart, i want to thank everyone in Minnesota that i have met, known, loved, shot with, traveled with, taught, been friends with personally or professionally. your support, love, friendships have meant the world to me at every point of my life & will continue to & will continue to and will continue to, forever, no matter my locale. ♥

i woke this morning to a soft blizzard & so the city sits quietly as i finish these last hours here, an apropos moment for what i've conceived the meaning of this to be for me.

how many great adventures begin this way?
a perfect gradient in the western sky by nightfall, i'll hope.
and just a girl with a suitcase, a passport, her pen & her camera.

all my love to you MPLS | thank you for growing me !

for those needing anything in the next 1 -2 weeks, please email: & I will message back when i'm settled into my new place, as i will be unavailable in this interim for all practical purpose taking in a new air with deep breaths to eager lungs.

ash ♥

ps: no visuals today, but here's a bit of sound playing as I finish the pack:
cut to 2:40 to feel what i'm feelin'


me said...

Good luck with your new chapter. I'm sure it will be amazing!

Anonymous said...

all the very best to you Ashley!

i stumbled into your work past midnight... finding your art amidst the plethora of "photography" was like coming home to the forest and taking a much-needed drink from a brook.

i would love to learn much from you.
do you still offer your mentoring one-on-one or run any workshop?

i would love to see you at! we need a fine art portrait artist and concept photographer! please tell me when you will be there to teach and i will be first in line!

all the very best as you start a new chapter in your life...

warmest regards,

Thomas Hopkins said...

Good Luck with your journey, I Live in Camas Washington and moved here a year and a half ago from Williamsburg virginia, there is something magical about the pacific north west and I am sure you will find it appealing for your type of work, I love your fine art portraiture.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Run away home soon! I love and miss your beautiful face.

Moving Specialists said...

All the best on your move! :) Cheers to more great stories and adventures.

Kay Burnett said...

welcome to your new home ashley. from one brave soul to another, welcome home...