Tuesday, March 26, 2013


High fives all around. 

This week I had the nerve-wracking honor & pleasure to sit down w/ the folks over at Phlearn and give quite possibly, one of the most in depth interviews I've ever given, covering everything from my earliest work (which had me cringing to share, but i bit the bullet ;) to the sources and inspiration for my newer Dust Bowl and Faerieland imagery, to posting a Before & After of how I composited a popular Faerieland image and, lastly, a question that led to my finally speaking publicly and for the first time about what it is like working within the industry while also working within the confines of an illness and with a 12 year disability. 

In addition, I chat about the imagery of Brooke Shaden & Erik Almas among other sources of great inspiration in History.

If you fancy a read, have a wander: http://phlearn.com/phlearn-interviews-bottle-bell

I've another in depth interview also coming out within the week & will post that when it's up, covering another range of topics with questions that were so different and such a fun time to answer.


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