Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Please Vote for Bottle Bell Photography in JPG Magazine!

Hello to everyone. :)

I wanted to take a moment, and share some exciting news...

Bottle Bell Photography has a photo up for publication in JPG Magazine.

Seen to right:

Title: Bonnie Lass
Model: Hailey Bergsten
Collection: The Vintage Indigo
Photo by: Ashley, Bottle Bell Photography
Magazine Category: Emotion

Published photos are primarily decided upon by the amount of votes they receive. The more votes a photo receives, the better chance it has at being published. If you have a moment, and would like to show your support for Bottle Bell Photography, or myself as an artist, you may cast your vote by following this link: Bottle Bell Photography in JPG Mag.

After following the link, you will have the option of voting "yes", or "no", underneath the photo.
If I've inspired you in some way, please consider voting. Everyone's support is sincerely appreciated, and means the world to me. I know everyone is very busy.
On a personal note, it's very humbling to see something from my Private Collections being recognized. As an artist, it's incredibly rewarding and validating for a piece so near and dear to my heart to be considered for publication. This collection, (The Vintage Indigo), has been my favorite to date, and I'm happy to be casting again, so that I can continue creating wonderful vintage inspired pieces.
Best to you all-

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A call for models...

When I'm not doing commercial shoots for clients, I'm constantly conceptualizing and adding to my Private Collection. My private works can be viewed (by collection) on Flickr ,or as a group in the Galleries of my website.

I've included a sample to the left entitled: "Barefoot Rhapsody", (from my Vintage Collection).

Although it's becoming colder in the Midwest, I am still planning a few great pieces before Winter (on location) for my "Vintage Indigo" Collection. The changing leaves make for beautiful outdoor shots. My Vintage Indigo Collection is very nostalgic and features models dressed in period clothing to represent specific era's-gone-by.

I am also casting for models to start a new collection in which I am going to recreate selected paintings of one of my favorite artists: John William Waterhouse. If you've never heard of him, his work includes such pieces as: "Juliet", "The Lady of Shallot", and "Ophelia".

And lastly, I have a few conceptual shoots that don't necessarily fit into a category or collection, but I am still looking for fresh faces to capture.

So...If you've stumbled onto this blog as a model via my profile on Model Mayhem, or as an artist via my profile on Flickr, and are interested in collaborating, I am shooting TFP* (trade for print) selected models until late Fall, 2007.

All models, or interested parties should send their best head shot and/or body shot to: info@bottlebellphotography.com

And please note* You don't have to be stick thin to submit a photo. I am an artist & photographer, not a modeling scout. All I am looking for are people who would be an asset to my collections.
All submissions will be personally reviewed, and if you fit into any upcoming projects, I will contact you so that we may speak further.

Best to you-
Ashley, Bottle Bell Photography

Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome...to my first post!

I recently decided to add a blog feature linking to and from my website as a means to announce upcoming events and happenings related to Bottle Bell Photography. This will not be a daily feature, but rather an outpost of information as it happens.

Bottle Bell Photography is primarily an on-location company that utilizes natural light and natural surroundings. This means, we typically come to you, or if you like, pick a location we feel is best, and shoot there. There are several locations we exclusively use.

Botte Bell Photography offers a wide array of sessions, including:

*Basic Portrait Sessions
*Fine Art Sessions
*Maternity Sessions
*Senior Portrait Sessions
*Engagement & Wedding Related Sessions
*Modeling Portfolios & Head Shots
*Promotional & Commercial Work

Please feel free to visit the website Gallery to view my portfolio and learn more about the company.
And please, check back often, to see what is happening with Bottle Bell...

Thanks for your visit & stay tuned. :)

-Ash, Bottle Bell Photography