Monday, December 06, 2010

A new, immersive feature | take 1...

Please join me over there for a new immersive feature of simple writings, sounds, and imagery. The Rendering Well is my personal inspirational blog, and a more simple contrast to my beloved bottle bell inner-workings. It's definitely a behind the scenes of the camera sort of blog. x

If you dig it, let me know, and i'll make it a regular feature. Also, be sure that if you like it, my upcoming workshops will be right up your alley, especially the inspiration offering, but I'll save the details of the workshops for another day. ;)

ash x

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Help Portrait | 12.4.2010

Friends & PHOTOGS:

I just wanted to post on here to remind (as well as introduce to those of you who don't know) that the incredibly inspiring, moving "Help Portrait" -- a worldwide movement of photographer's, is this Saturday, December 4th, and I hope many of you will be doing this with me. It's a worldwide effort to help just one person or even a family in need, by doing what we love -- taking a photo.

What you'll need:
A camera.
Your time.
The Motivation to help someone (or even a family) in need.

I will keep this post short, but encourage all of you to step outside of the box & do this as well as share the message to every photog. as well as the vid.

The website is here (a project started by the very well known photographer, Jeremy Cowart)

And the video of what it is, what to do & how to do it, is here:

Ashley | Bottle Bell