Monday, July 19, 2010

"Faerieland" | 3rd Sequence | "The Maiden by Moonlight..."


Welcome to my third installation of "Faerieland"...

If you missed the first post ("Faerieland", The Beginning...) regarding the beginnings of this collection, the languages used within the storyboard, the inspirations behind it & first pieces within it, I encourage you to read that here before continuing on with this blog post, so everything makes sense ;)

Additionally, before reading on, I encourage you to read the second sequence as the story continued, and another character appeared, as well as the details behind the making of those shoots.

Now, if you are all caught up and have seen the pieces: "Faerieland, The Beginning...", "Lith", "Elberberry", and "Crown of the Boundary", please find below my next character, "The Maiden", who will be a recurring character throughout this collection.

Before I begin, just a quick mention - Please be mindful of Copyrights and don't swipe. ;)
I hope you enjoy!


As usual, the text below the image is Sindarin Elvish, and reads...
"The Maiden, by Moonlight"

Please enjoy a bit larger below...

"The Maiden, by Moonlight" was shot about 20 minutes before the sun disappeared over the horizon line. I had an assistant with an entire bag of dandelion heads that took me nearly a day to gather, one by one. She stood just out of frame, profusely blowing handfuls into the picture. It took a LOT of trial and error.

As I continue this storyboard, as promised, the story gets a bit darker, and it's my hope that this piece begins to show that direction. My vision for The Maiden was to create a timeless character, who is perhaps always looking off into the distance awaiting the return of something or someone. She's very wistful, and though this is my only picture of her for now, there are more shots of her inside of "Faerieland", that I cannot wait to share. ;)


I would like to thank my creative team on this shoot:
Model: Juju Steege (Wilhelmina)
MUA: Wendy Zarate - Frank
Assistant: Nita Shaw

Without the help of my teams, this entire collection would not be possible.

If you prefer to see this set on my Flickr, please follow THIS LINK. :)

For high res. versions, I recommend Flickr. I also plan to have these available in a new gallery (still in the process of being built) on my website in the coming weeks, larger and without the watermark ;)

See you very soon. I plan to unveil another piece later this week...

Ash | Bottle Bell

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Interview/Feature w/ The Examiner!


I hope you all are very well. :)

Just a quick post...
I recently had the honor and privilege of being interviewed by an editor over at The Examiner and wanted to share that with all of you! They've chosen to include some of my newest works (yes, previously unseen ;) from my newest collection, "Faerieland" to accompany the feature.

***On a personal note: This feature is definitely the most candid I've ever been in an interview and touches a lot on how I work, behind the camera - as well as I how I work, personally. Please head over to check it out if you have a moment. Very grateful for any feedback. Definitely put my heart into answering those questions and into the featured collection.

Please follow THIS LINK to read the feature/interview shown in the above screenshot.
And I hope you all enjoy!