Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lake Michigan Shoot | Sneak Peaks/Behind the Scenes!


Last week, I had the pleasure (truly) of driving 8 hours east w/ my sister to collaborate w/ the entirely beautiful Ford Model, Hayley McCune. This particular model and myself have been trying to work together for well over 3 years. Our location, we decided, would be a hidden beach on Lake Michigan - a location I'd never seen until moments before our shoot. The day was very hectic, so I didn't have too much time to shoot many 'behind the scenes', but the day was also incredible (as was the team I was working w/) and so I wanted to post just a few sneaks from what that day entailed. I hope from these few shots, you get the idea of what shots came out of it and what's to come...Be excited.

I'm just beginning my edits and will be posting the final shots on my inspirational blog, The Rendering Well, in the following days, as a storyboard of sorts.

A huge thank you to my sister for assisting as well as Michael Macaluso.


My sister, Hailey, filling up a rain boot to continuously keep the models hair wet when the wind kept drying it out...

My beautiful model (below) (also named Hayley) after being drenched with freezing cold, great lakes water... | I always make a deal w/ my models that if I put them into uncomfortable situations such as water or cold, I go in with them - and so I was just as drenched behind the lens (and COVERED) in sand, head to toe ;)

Playing in the rocks in between shooting...

Hope you've enjoyed this little post, and remember the final images will be on my non business, inspiration only, words & imagery blog within the week.

Ashley | Bottle Bell

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Rendering Well | A new personal endeavor...

Hello Everyone,

After several years on the backburner of ideas, I've finally gone ahead and done it.
I've created a more filtered blog focused on one thing and one thing only:

As a slower paced, quieter home of words & imagery for myself and Bottle Bell, this secondary space will deal not only with my photography, but also writing and inspiration and will be exclusively reserved for only areas of my company that are non commercial/business related.

The Rendering Well was created to escape & to cultivate raw creativity.

See you there.

Ash x